Into the Greenbelt

The Adventure Continues...

We head south from Oleg’s trading post.

Each “area” we explore takes about 3 days.

During our first exploration, we come upon some wild boar sniffing at a log. They look particularly mean and after some battling, we finally defeat them all. (400XP each)

We decide to rest for the night and heal our wounds. The next day we come upon a spider on top of a trap door that’s about 5 feet wide. We defeat the spider and Zordlon and Ethos climb down through the trap door. It’s about 25 feet deep. They find some dead bodies. While searching the bodies they find a silver amulet, like the one we got from the bandits we defeated back at the trading post. There was also a note stuck in a boot. It looked like a map. There was a claw shaped tree with a red X at the bottom.

We keep heading south. The terrain is getting more wooded and it seems colder at night.

We set up camp and rest for the night. We take turns being on watch. We hear what sounds like a howling wolf in the distance. During Gretoya’s watch, she hears some rustling in the nearby trees. She wakes the rest of the group.

We find a werewolf coming out of the trees. We fight it. He’s very strong. Zordlon has the idea to use the silver amulets as weapons against the beast. We eventually defeat him with the silver amulets.

We find an Elixir of Truth potion. (It lasts 10 minutes, make a will save) – Serren is carrying this.

We finish resting after the werewolf fight. The next day we continue exploring. We find an odd claw shaped tree. It looks like the one that was on the map we found.

We check out the tree. It looks like a section of earth near the base of the tree has been disturbed recently. We dig and find a piece of leather wrapped around the following:
Masterwork dagger
Wand of Burning Hands (2nd level with 4 charges)
Silver ring (worth 75gp)
Spellbook (partially damaged by water)

Serren the sorcerer takes these items.

Oleg's Trading Post

You have saved Oleg and his wife, Svetlana from bandits that have been collecting ‘taxes’ from them illegally. You’ve killed all of the bandits and now you are in possession of 6 horses.

XP- 150 each


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